architectural styles


Rejecting ornament and embracing minimalism, Modernism became the dominant global movement in 20th-century architecture and design.

Le Corbusier’s Modernist Architecture

Chandigarh was independent India’s first planned city, the master plan of which was formulated by Le Corbusier. Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru commissioned Corbusier to build a city that was “unfettered by the traditions of the past, a symbol of the nation's faith in the future”. Corbusier’s blueprint for the city was a mesh of rectangles, giving rise to Chandigarh’s iconic structures of exposed brick and stone laid in landscaped gardens. The High Court, Government Museum and Art Gallery, Palace of Assembly, and the Chandigarh College of Architecture are among the best examples of his work.The city remains an icon in the history of town planning.

Louis Kahn’s Modern Architecture

Louis Kahn developed a natural cooling system and light wells in his design of Ahmedabad's IIM to suit the region's desert climate.