architectural styles

high tech

Influenced by engineering and new technology, High Tech is a style that celebrates the display of a building’s construction and services.
High Tech was a development of British Modernist architecture from the late 1960s and was a concept, rather than a style. Based on engineering and construction and other aspects such as the manipulation of space, High Tech was marked by a preference for lightweight materials and sheer surfaces, a readiness to adopt new techniques from engineering and other technologies, and the celebratory display of a building’s construction and services.

Cybertecture Egg, Mumbai

Commissioned by Vijay Associates (Wadhwa Developers) and designed by James Law Cybertecture, "Cybertecture egg combines virtual architecture, environmental design, ingenious control systems and evolutionary engineering to create the boldest building for the city of Mumbai and for India in the 21st century" The 33.000 square metres of the space are used as office and three levels underground which provide 400 parking spaces. The building will have both office and living space and is located in Bandra, Mumbai.