Across history, buildings have been pushed, pulled, poured and stretched into all sorts of shapes and styles. Whether in response to new technologies, anticipation of the future, or an interest in the past, architecture is a living reminder of our ever-shifting tastes and concerns.

architectural styles


Brutalism is a style with an emphasis on materials, textures and construction, producing highly expressive forms

architectural styles


It was a style widespread during the Middle Ages, and when revived between 18th and 19th centuries it became a rival to

architectural styles

High Tech

Influenced by engineering and new technology, High Tech is a style that celebrates the display of a building’s construction and services.

architectural styles


Rejecting ornament and embracing minimalism, Modernism became the dominant global movement in 20th-century architecture and design

architectural styles


The style comprises a range of conventional forms, notably columns (known as orders) each with fixed proportions and ornaments (especially Doric, Ionic and Corinthian).

architectural styles

Franco-Tamil Architecture

The historic trading town of Pondicherry shows the strong influence of its French colonisation, set up in 1674. There are two segments to this city – the French and Tamil quarters.

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